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Minority Shareholder Litigation Support 1

In 2011 the minority shareholders a world renowned resort island on the east coast of the U.S. sought to enforce their minority shareholder rights. In addition to the resort property, the company operated a golf course in Europe, a marina in the Caribbean, and engaged in resort community development in multiple jurisdictions. FRGi was initially tasked with identifying the assets of the Company and their related debt, analyzing various entity financials and tax returns, and producing an estimate of the net value of the entity. We participated in several rounds of mediations and negotiations which ultimately resulted in the sale of the assets. As part of the sale we prepared pro-forma financials to aide in the financing process.

Assets Deployed: Litigation Support, Forensic Accounting, Asset Location and Review and Data Review Services, Physical Intelligence Resources as well as Non-Linear, Non-Judicial Acquisition of case critical and pattern of conduct intelligence that should prove to truncate litigation and produce substantial opportunities for settlement

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