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International Fraud

A client in the UK had entered into an agreement to acquire a company in the U.S. As part of the agreement the Client had made loans totaling $1,000,000 to the Company being acquired. Prior to completing the transaction the Client began to have concerns and engaged FRGi to investigate the Company. We initially visited the company under the cover of performing due diligence. We soon discovered that the Client concerns were well founded. During the course of the next three months FRGi investigated the Company and related entities, traced wire transfers and coordinated legal proceedings with local counsel. Before concluding we were involved in six court appearances, an involuntary bankruptcy petition and an arson fire at the Company’s corporate offices. Within three months we were able to resolve the matter for the Client recovering all of their funds plus additional amounts for interest and collection fees.

Assets Deployed:Forensic Accounting, Related Party Interviews, Asset Tracing, Mediation, Law Enforcement Cooperation, Surveillance, Litigation Support and Financial Research.

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