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Financial Institution Risk Management

In early November 2015 we were engaged by a midwestern bank to assist in managing and recovering a failed $16.8 million loan that failed within 18 months of issue. We were referred to the Bank by one of their Board Members with whom we had recently conducted work for. Prior to that referral we had no knowledge of the Bank or them of us. Within two hours of our initial telephone conversation we were retained by outside counsel to the Bank and required to conduct a due diligence report on the debtor and guarantors including an overview of some 18 related entities and to review the financial statements of the debtor as well as the financial statements and tax returns of the guarantors. We were given a 10 day window to conduct the review and report to the Board of the Bank. Based on our report the Board recently retained us to conduct an on-site forensic audit of the books and records of the debtor and related entities. The Board has also entered into discussions with us about conducting a review of all their outstanding loans over $1 million. This matter is ongoing.

Assets Deployed: Data Research and Services, Related Party Interviews, Litigation Review, Background Investigation and Financial Research & Review.

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